Enterprise Applications

Our extensive knowledge in building enterprise software makes us a safe choice. We can help you decide between commercial off the shelf applications or in-house solutions. We can help you build it and deploy it, whether it is on the cloud, on premises or even in a server-less infrastructure.
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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is emerging as one of the greatest IT revolutions of recent years. From small businesses that with a limited budget can deploy their services on the web, to big companies that need flexibility, manageability and consolidation; cloud computing offers all of this and can easily scale as the business grows.
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To deliver high quality software in the current competitive environment a new approach to development is required, where development and operations teams work in synergy in order to improve code quality and delivery speed. DevOps promotes collaboration and communication between IT departments across the entire development pipeline.
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Big Data

The exponential growth of the volume of data generated by interconnected systems created the need for a new generation of analytics tools and data management systems. We know how to use those tools and we can help with the capture, analysis and visualization of data in real time.
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Internet of Things

“Things”, in the IoT sense, can refer to any kind of devices, ranging from the thermostat sensor of your heating system, to the smartwatch that monitors your health.
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Why Altereos

/al'tɛːrɛos/ - from Latin "alter" (the other) and from Greek "eos" (dawn) - We are a young startup born in 2015, whose core team puts together decades of experience in the development of enterprise software. Our aim is to put this experience at the service of our clients' needs, providing consultancy services to the leaders in our sector.


Confluent Partnership!

We are proud to announce that our Confluent Partner application has been accepted and we are now "Consulting & SI Partner".
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Yes, we love this stuff and use it everyday!


Educational Grant: a web platform to manage selection of participants in Training Events

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