Enterprise Applications

We promote the use of a microservices oriented architecture and we can help development teams migrating towards it. Our development stack is based on Java/J2EE/Spring, Javascript and Angular. We have extended experience with virtualization (Virtual Box and VMWare) and container orchestration (Docker or Kubernetes) with cloud deployements on Google Cloud and AWS.
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Video Streaming

Live Streaming allows the recording and broadcast of any event in real time. Our extended experience in live streaming of medical congresses and surgical operations will be at your service. We create dynamic runtime environments for your events, optimizing them for different devices such as desktop, mobile and tablet.
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Web content management systems (CMS) manage the use, creation and editing of the content of a web site. CMS help to build web content even without any technical knowledge and without writing any code.
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Internet of Things

“Things”, in the IoT sense, can refer to any kind of devices, ranging from the thermostat sensor of your heating system, to the smartwatch that monitors your health.
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Why Altereos

/al'tɛːrɛos/ - from Latin "alter" (the other) and from Greek "eos" (dawn) - We are a young startup born in 2015, whose core team puts together decades of experience in the development of enterprise software. Our aim is to put this experience at the service of our clients' needs, providing consultancy services to the leaders in our sector.


Educational Grant: a web platform to manage selection of participants in Training Events

Starting January 1, 2018, companies associated with MedTech will no longer be able to provide any direct support to individual Health Professionals to cover the costs of participation in Training Events organized by third parties. The member companies, however, have the right to provide educational support (Educational Grant). The beneficiaries of the support, as Professional Conference Organizers or Healthcare Organizations, will have the exclusive responsibility for the choice of the participants. In order to facilitate Professional Conference Organizers and Healthcare Organizations in the selection and invitation of Healthcare Professionals, an online platform has been set up.
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Yes, we love this stuff and use it everyday!


Fearless startup of a React-Redux project

A hands-on guide on how to bootstrap you own React/Redux project.
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