Case studies – Altersheet


The project was born from the need to replace previously used spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) to track employee attendance and the tasks in which their time was spent.
Benefits brought by Altersheet are better usability, greater control over tasks with different levels of user authorization and, above all, the ability to have real-time reports of hours worked on a particular day, month, or year by a single employee or the entire workforce.



The current live version of AlterSheet is made up of three main pieces:

  1. A NodeJS instance serving static content for the browser and offering a RESTful API for the served SPA
  2. A MySQL instance
  3. A Single Page Application running on the client side and updating its contents using AJAX technology for querying the REST API

Where possible, all the computational intensive tasks have been delegated to either the browser JavaScript VM or to MySQL through specific SQL queries. This made our choice to solely use NodeJS viable, given its single thread and event driven architecture. This way we achieved a super simple back-end business logic.
Building a Single Page Application makes our app both dynamic and fluid for the user without necessity to reload pages and having a user experience similar to desktop apps. We choose the React.js library which makes creating and managing UI components intuitive and cheap.

Online demo

You can find an online demo at

Simple user:

  • Login: user
  • Password: altereos

Admin user:

  • Login: admin
  • Password: altereos