Educational Grant: a web platform to manage selection of participants in Training Events

The new European Code, for medical device companies that are members of the European Association MedTech Europe, intervenes in redefining the interaction between industry and Healthcare Professionals: starting , in fact, as of January 1, 2018, companies associated with MedTech will no longer be able to provide any direct support (financial support or in-kind contribution) to individual Health Professionals to cover the costs of participation in Training Events organized by third parties.

The member companies, however, have the right to provide educational support (Educational Grant) in order to finance the participation of Health Professionals in training events organized by third parties.
The beneficiaries of the support, as Professional Conference Organizers or Healthcare Organizations, will have the exclusive responsibility for the choice of the participants.

In order to facilitate Professional Conference Organizers and Healthcare Organizations in the selection and invitation of Healthcare Professionals, an online platform has been set up to manage:

  • the acquisition of candidacies by Healthcare Professionals, for a free or discounted use of the Training Event;
  • any overlap between data provided by candidates and data already owned;
  • the automatic elaboration of a ranking of candidates’ scores, based on the evaluation of rules and criteria applied to candidates’ data;
  • the possible assignment of one or more “packages” of services (registration to the event, overnight stay, trip);
  • sending communications to the candidates regarding the outcome of the assignments;
  • the acquisition of confirmation of participation in the event by the winners, including any details such as hospitality / travel preferences.

The organizing staff will be able to manage independently:

  • the opening and closing of candidacies;
  • importing data relating to candidates;
  • the start of the elaboration of a ranking list;
  • the export of the data relating to the candidates with ranking and possible assignment of the defined “packages”;
  • sending communications to candidates;
  • the export of data relating to “winners” who have confirmed their participation in the event.

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