Enterprise Applications

Many Enterprises make large use of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) Components to build their IT infrastructure, but as it grows and the needs change, the cost of software customization can surpass the cost of a development team building an in-house solution. Our extensive knowledge in building enterprise software make us a safe choice.

We promote the use of a microservices oriented architecture and we can help development teams migrating towards it. We have had experience dealing with platforms developed by multiple teams that grew bigger and chaotically interconnected, with the result that applying a fix or a new feature became scary for the developer and very expensive for the management; we know how important it is to create an architecture that makes easy for different teams to work independently and deploy new features without the need to rebuild the entire system. You’ll get client feedback and results faster and you will be able to quickly adjust your aim to align your products with your clients’ needs.

Architectural changes are just one side of the coin, we know that also the processes play a fundamental role. We have seen plenty of organizations eager to jump on the Agile bandwagon, with most of them implementing just a small fraction of the processes needed to become really agile. Becoming agile requires an organization wide effort, which include a big shift in the company culture.


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